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The Boiled Owl is hosted by Don and Sam, both members of Alcoholics Anonymous who like listening to other alcoholics’ experience, strength, and hope.  We both do this often via podcasts and speaker tapes (well, CDs and MP3s) while working or driving.  While there are many recordings of speaker meetings, we found locating podcasts a bit more difficult.  So…… Rather than just complaining about it (you know we did!), we decided to take action.

We both (used to) attend a Saturday morning men’s AA meeting and go to coffee afterward. (Then Sam just up and moved to California in 2020. Now we’re bicoastal!)  Sometimes it (was) just the two of us, though often several more.  The conversation there is always wide-ranging and invariably full of recovery. (You know Don’s still at it while Sam is building his peep crew out west.)  The Boiled Owl is our attempt to recreate the environment of the coffee shop meeting-after-the-meeting.  Since it’s not completely ad-hoc, we have to structure it a bit, but soon the flow of conversation takes hold and it then goes where it goes.

We start with a little banter, introduce our guest, and then ask them a question about why they’re in AA.  This one question kicks off the conversation and we chat for 20-30 minutes.  We close the podcast with “Ask the Old-timer,” where a question is posed to our resident oldtimer, Don, then our guest responds and Sam wraps it up.  For some of our episodes, we make up the question.  The goal is for YOU to ask a question!  Send us your question via

New episodes are posted on the 1st and 15th of the month.

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